Our History

Dörflinger & Nickow developed from the activities of Martha Nickow and Karl Dörflinger in Berlin in 1919 from a representative company to an independent wholesaler of high-quality imported materials from England, France and Italy.

The basis for this good start was certainly the harmonious interaction between the Dörflinger couple. Martha Nickow, characterized by her specialist training and passion for home textiles, was the leading force in the selection of new designs and tasteful colours. Karl Dörflinger brought with him the commercial training and ability to run a company from his textile apprenticeship, so that the two successfully complemented each other in the daily tasks.

Our Other Brands

Dörflinger & Nickow represents and distributes in the main markets where it has been operating for more than a century, some of the main brands of fabrics for decoration and upholstery, wallpapers and wallcoverings.

New Collections

Dörflinger & Nickow brings to the market its new collections of Wallcoverings and Fabrics for Decoration and Upholstery, following a tradition built over more than 100 years of activity in the decoration segment. The patterns and designs follow a relaxed and contemporary language, which provides lightness and modernity to environments decorated with its products.

In cooperation with the company “The Latin Gallery”, we are bringing Wall Panels and Pictures to the market that portray works by its Latin American artists. All the richness and originality of the culture of these artists, found in their respective works, can easily harmonize with the different languages of decoration and usually give environments a unique and singular characteristic.

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