Our History

Dörflinger & Nickow developed from the activities of Martha Nickow and Karl Dörflinger in Berlin in 1919 from a representative company to an independent wholesaler of high-quality imported materials from England, France and Italy.

The basis for this good start was certainly the harmonious interaction between the Dörflinger couple. Martha Nickow, characterized by her specialist training and passion for home textiles, was the leading force in the selection of new designs and tasteful colours. Karl Dörflinger brought with him the commercial training and ability to run a company from his textile apprenticeship, so that the two successfully complemented each other in the daily tasks.

They led the Dörflinger & Nickow company through inflation and the economic crisis and gradually won many specialist shops and interior decorators in Germany before 1939 as customers.

In 1944, just before the end of the war, the stocks had to be evacuated from Berlin because of the bombing raids. The company opted for a warehouse in the east, so unfortunately most of the deposited materials were lost by those difficult times.

With a lot of optimism and great commitment, especially on the part of Karl Dörflinger, the company gradually succeeded in rebuilding after 1945 and creating a collection in the Dörflinger & Nickow tradition.

In order to have a certain degree of planning security, as far as 

Karl Dörflinger

this was possible at the time, Karl Dörflinger founded his own weaving mill together with a weaving specialist in Gondelsheim in 1946, where his son Karlfriedrich worked from 1947 and built it up as a supplier of upholstered furniture factories.

Over the next few years, the Dörflinger & Nickow company had to realize that it was becoming increasingly difficult to do business from Berlin to the West. In 1948 the company had to be relocated from Berlin to Lindemannstraße in Düsseldorf. In 1960 the company moved within Düsseldorf to the Fürstenwall in Bilk.

Opening of Dörflinger & Nickow in Düsseldorf in 1948

Three years after the move, in 1963, Karl Dörflinger died unexpectedly. He left a well-run family business to his son Karlfriedrich. In 1967, Karlfriedrich Dörflinger decided to close the weaving mill in Gondelsheim in order to devote himself entirely to the Dörflinger & Nickow wholesale business. The development of the company continued to be positive, so that in 1978 Christian Dörflinger, Karlfriedrich’s son, joined the management team, which ensured the continued existence as a family business.

In 1992, the company headquarters on the Fürstenwall no longer met the changed requirements of the company and so the company Dörflinger & Nickow moved to its current location.

In 2009, after 46 years in the company, Karlfriedrich Dörflinger left the management of the family business to his son Christian. Thanks to many years of prudent company management and a well-considered selection of materials, Karlfriedrich handed over a healthy, internationally recognized company.

In this year 2022, the company Dörflinger & Nickow launched its first wallpaper collection under the name “Populus” and starts a new phase in this successful history.

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